There’s more to a conversation than meets the ear — every business and personal conversation is bursting with valuable information. Whether in person, on the phone, through email or text messaging, your conversation is your principal business tool. For that very reason, to be competitive in today’s marketplace you must be able to tap into the valuable cues and clues that are in every conversation.

Coaching Intelligence® is a communication and performance system that teaches you how to maximize your personal and business potential. It teaches you how to discover the needs, wants, desires, style, and real agenda in any conversation. The bottom line: a superior connection with an understanding of your clients, customers, and colleagues. You will close sales faster, satisfy and gain more customers, negotiate more effectively.

Performance and communication coach Steven Griffith is the founder of the Coaching Intelligence Institute and has been coaching individuals and organizations for the past 20 years. He has successfully implemented his Coaching Intelligence program with experts in a variety of fields: CEO’s, professional coaches, sales people, client services, health and fitness professionals, and hundreds of others in how to effectively maximize their personal performance, sell, negotiate, motivate, and get results through better conversations.

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