About Us

Our mission at the Coaching Intelligence® Institute is to empower people to break through old limiting beliefs, negative concepts, and outdated strategies about themselves — and how they communicate — so that they can move with power and freedom in the areas in their life that matter the most.

CII is committed to bringing you the most cutting edge coaching, training, and tools to maximize your personal and business performance and be a courageous, confident, and compassionate communicator. Our training is based on real-world application that creates results, not just text book theory.

Coaching Intelligence is a communication and performance system that gets you the results you want in life and work. It teaches you how to discover the needs, wants, desires, style, and real agenda in any conversation. The bottom line: a superior connection with and understanding of your clients, customers, and colleagues. Your success or failure is based on one thing: the conversation — with yourself and with the people in your life. The conversation is the relationship.

Whether in the boardroom or on the playing field, Steven has detected a common thread among his clients: The difference between a home run and a strike lies more in one’s mind than in their swing. The subtle and smallest changes to one’s patterns in communication and performance strategies immediately results in personal and professional success.

Steven Griffith is the founder of the Coaching Intelligence Institute. He has been a communication and performance coach for over 20 years training individuals and organizations.

Steven has successfully implemented his Coaching Intelligence program with experts in a variety of fields: CEO’s, coaches, Olympic and professional athletes, and entertainers. He is an expert in identifying the barriers in one’s behaviors, communication, and mental/emotional patterns that keep them from achieving the results they desire.

Steven, a former Golden Glove boxer and college football player, was also the co-founder of The Yard, a performance facility in Southern California that is home to Major League Baseball All-Stars, Jason Kendall of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Mike Piazza of the NY Mets, Nomar Garcia-Parra of the Boston Red Sox, home run record holder for the LA Dodgers, Eric Karros and a host of professional, major league and Olympic champions. At the Yard, Griffith created an environment that generates a systematic approach for mental and physical success. An expert in precision, performance and timing, Steven brings these championship skills to your organization. He is a certified trainer in a number of fields including: Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, and wellness and exercise science.

With his newly published book, Email Power: How to Get What You Want From Every Email You Send and soon-to-be-released software program “EmailPower,” based on the book, anyone can learn the easy communication methodology that encapsulates Steven’s technology.

Griffith’s Coaching Intelligence system, has been used effectively by major organizations around the world including Citibank, ADP, Wells Fargo, Coldwell Banker, and the LAPD. He has been featured on national television and radio as a communication and performance coach.

Steven spends most of his time training companies and individuals how to maximize their personal performance and leverage their business communication for maximum advantage.

Coaching Program (general overview)

“Steven Griffith’s Coaching Intelligence program is an easy, systematic approach to getting results. It has helped us company-wide to effectively communicate, service our customers and empower our employees with tools that work. I highly recommend it.”

Jim McKenzie COO - NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine

“The ability to effectively communicate in today’s work place is an absolute necessity to be successful. Coaching Intelligence and Email Power show you exactly how to do that with clear, concise, practical guidelines that will transform the way you communicate.”

Sue Knight, international consultant and author of NLP at Work