At Coaching Intelligence® Institute, we believe your success or failure is based on the power of your conversation.

There’s more to a conversation than meets the ear — every business and personal conversation is bursting with hidden valuable information. Whether in person, on the phone, through e-mail or text messaging — conversation is your principle business tool. For that very reason, to be competitive in today’s marketplace you must be able to tap into the valuable cues and clues that are in every conversation.

Coaching Intelligence is a communication and performance system that gets you the results you want in business. It teaches you how to discover the needs, wants, desires, style, and real agenda in any conversation. The bottom line: a superior connection with and understanding of your clients, customers, and colleagues. You will close sales faster, satisfy and gain more customers, negotiate more effectively, create more effective internal communication within your organization, and maximize your personal and business potential.

What you say and how you say it — your word choice, body language, and tone of voice have a profound impact on your customer, clients, and colleagues. This system gives you and your company a complete package of communication tools to effectively deliver results in and outside your organization. You can transform your conversations, break through your barriers, and achieve professional success.

Your conversation is the relationship and the fundamental core of your success. It’s all based on your ability to connect, motivate, and accelerate your relationships — in all arenas. Whether you’re a CEO, manager, in sales or client services, the Coaching Intelligence system has the tools to get you what you want and create a winning combination for you and your clients.

Through the Coaching Intelligence program, your business will benefit by:

  • Increased sales and profits
  • Increased efficiency of up selling and cross selling
  • Greater customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty
  • Increased quality and speed of service to clients, customers, and colleagues

You will learn to in email, face-to-face, phone, and text messaging to:

  • Identify the emotion, tone, and real agenda
  • Needs, wants, desires, communication style, and real agenda
  • Know what to say and how to say it in every situation
  • Create agreement in difficult situations where conflict exists
  • Increase your skills to effectively respond to customers in writing
  • Effectively negotiate through powerful conversations

You will personally benefit by:

  • Feeling empowered and resourceful in your conversations
  • Creating deeper and more connected relationships
  • Decreasing the time of your communication while improving the quality of your relationships
  • Feeling confident and resourceful in all aspects of your life

“Every interaction is the most important. This includes those with my clients, partners, colleagues, competitors, family, and friends. Griffith’s system has given me the power to build trust and rapport immediately.”

David Sullivan, Director, CCC Inc.

“Steven has been critical to my personal and professional growth. He has taught me invaluable communication skills that have allowed me to speak dynamically in front of large groups of people. As well, my ability to handle high-pressure sales situations has grown tremendously. I highly recommend Steven for anyone looking to take their game to the next level!”

Mike Hibner, National Sales Director, Free Motion Fitness