The Coaching Intelligence Institute provides a variety of customized trainings for large and small organizations

CII is committed to bringing you the most cutting edge coaching, training, and tools to maximize your personal and business performance and be a courageous, confident, and compassionate communicator. Our training is based on real-world application that creates results, not just text book theory.

There’s more to a conversation than meets the ear — every business and personal conversation is bursting with hidden valuable information. Whether in person, on the phone, through e-mail or text messaging — conversation is your principle business tool. For that very reason, to be competitive in today’s marketplace you must be able to tap into the valuable cues and clues that are in every conversation. Learn more >>

Wellness Professionals
As a wellness professional, the key to your success or failure comes down to one thing — the conversation. If it is acquiring, keeping or creating results with your clients, it’s all based on the power of your conversations. Learn more >>

High Stakes Conversations(sm)
We have all been faced with having “the” conversation — the one we need to have and we don’t — it may be in our business or our personal life. At Coaching Intelligence® Institute, we know that the conversation is the relationship, and how well you are holding or not holding high stakes conversations determines the quality of your life in areas that matter the most. Learn more >>

“Because I rely more and more on technology to communicate these days, I need to quickly and most effectively gain the trust and confidence of my clients, my prospects, and my colleagues. Griffith’s system is just what the doctor ordered. I now the tools to build better relationships and get the results I want.”

Dave Olear, Vice President, Wells Fargo

“Communication is of the highest importance with the public and co-workers. Griffith’s system has taken the guess work out of all of my communication. These techniques even work on the phone!”

Anita Whited, Senior Supervisor, Los Angeles Police Department Emergency Response Department